PharmaBoardroom Congratulates Arjun Handa and Sandra Sanchez On Their Nominations As Emerging Pharma Leaders 2015


In its July issue, Pharmaceutical Executive announced the results of its Emerging Pharma Leaders list for 2015. PharmaBoardroom is pleased to reveal that two of its previous interviewees, from its latest reports in Mexico and India, were included in this list of emerging leaders.

Selected independently by the magazine’s editorial staff with support from the magazine’s editorial advisory board, Pharmaceutical Executive chose 17 key figures from the global pharma sector to be included in its 2015 list. “This year’s group adds to a list of more than 200 alumni dating back to June 2008. We called that first cohort of leaders ‘the change generation’ and frankly the description remains apt today – change is still the constant because there is no single commercial model that offers a surefire guarantee of success,” explains William Looney, the editor-in-chief of the magazine.

However, in comparing the two lists of 2008 and 2015, Looney does note some interesting changes. “We are seeing more bench strength in vaccines and generics, once adjacent businesses that are now key sources of product and process innovation; a transformation of finance and manufacturing roles, from a technical function to a strategic priority; new competencies in organization design that help field forces get even closer to the customer; the refiguring of medical affairs as liaison to a more informed patient community, and the advent of a new generation of in-house technologists, imported from outside the industry, with the capabilities to deliver customized digital messaging in multiple channels, on many fronts.”

The first previous interviewee of PharmaBoardroom to be featured on this year’s list is Arjun Handa, vice chairman and managing director of Claris Lifesciences in India. “‘My father’s generation has given India the basic infrastructure. What is needed now is what is missing. Our business model has to be a balance of off-patent and improved products.’ With plans to roll out 48 new products over the next three years and solidify the company’s position in regulated markets such as the US, Handa is well on the way to securing his goal for Claris – for it to be ‘one of the most admired companies in the injectables segment,’” Julian Upton writes in Pharmaceutical Executive’s profile of the executive. To read PharmaBoardroom’s interview with Handa from the site’s last report on the Indian pharma market, click here. 

The second executive to be featured on the list that has previously been interviewed by PharmaBoardroom is Sandra Sanchez y Oldenhage, deputy CEO of Probiomed Mexico. “Sanchez is a pioneering female innovator in a country where healthcare is mostly the provenance of men—and old habits,” writes Looney. “More than any man, the youthful Sanchez is recognized in her native Mexico as the face of the country’s fledgling biotech industry. Not only did she oversee launch of Amgen’s biotech business in Mexico, taking it from start-up to national sales leader in complex biologic drugs, Sanchez is now plotting the transformation of Probiomed, an established local producer of APIs, into a global export powerhouse focused on next-generation biosimilar drugs.” To read PharmaBoardroom’s latest interview with Sanchez, click here.

You can find the full article about Pharmaceutical Executive’s Emerging Pharma Leaders 2015 here.


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