As one of the longest-standing multinational companies in Egypt, French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi aims to plays a major role in ensuring access to innovative pharmaceuticals for the Egyptian population through manufacturing locally.


During President Macron’s visit, Sanofi signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Egyptian Ministry of Health to address unmet medical needs

Christelle Saghbini, Sanofi Egypt

Additionally, as the firm’s chairman and MD for Egypt and Sudan, Christelle Saghbini, notes, Sanofi is also placing great weight on participating in the Egyptian government’s various healthcare campaigns and portraying itself as a strong partner.


Saghbini sees both unmedical needs and opportunities in Egypt and has outlined the priorities of her tenure thusly:

  1. “Increasing Egyptian patients’ ability to access our products through partnering with various stakeholders.”
  2. “Bringing innovative treatments and products to the market and launching up to ten products within the next three years. Our main aim is to bring innovative care solutions to the patients, which goes beyond providing medication.”
  3. “Building a sustainable healthcare model in Egypt. Sanofi has been continuously present in Egypt for 56 years and we are willing to invest in the country, as we see its potential.”
  4. “Underlining our strong social responsibility in the country, which we continue to foster through various programs.”


Sanofi’s strategy in Egypt has revolved around partnering closely with the Egyptian authorities, as well as utilising its French connections, including the occasion of French President Emmanuel Macron to Egypt in January 2019. “During President Macron’s visit, Sanofi signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Egyptian Ministry of Health to address unmet medical needs. The agreement has a focus on oncology and cardiovascular diseases from a holistic disease management perspective,” explains Saghbini.


Christelle Saghbini, chairman & managing director of Sanofi Egypt & Sudan

In the same month, its subsidiary Sanofi Pasteur signed an MoU with the Egyptian Military Medical Services Department affiliated to Egypt’s Ministry of Defence for cooperation discussions in the development of an Egyptian National Immunisation Programme, and the supply and manufacturing of vaccine products in Egypt.


Saghbini also highlights the importance that Sanofi Egypt places on raising awareness. She notes that the French multinational has been involved in, “awareness and screening projects for diabetes and cancer patients, while partnering with authorities to improve the emergency care system for acute cardiovascular conditions.” The company’s efforts have been recognized by the Federation of Egyptian Industries with a CSR award for serving the Sustainable Development Goals.


The company is also fostering innovation in Egypt hosting a dedicated lab “Tech for Health” at its platform VivaTech, to meet start-ups with which Sanofi aims to develop new solutions and health services.


As a concluding remark, Saghbini reveals that Sanofi is assessing “the potential feasibility to extend our local production footprint [while] continuing to invest in our people so that Sanofi Egypt remains a top employer on the African continent.”


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