Securing Trust in the Global Supply Chain of COVID-19 Vaccines


Public trust in the COVID-19 supply chain has grown, but there is still a strong need for standards, processes, and capabilities to ensure patients across the globe have access to lifesaving therapies. A secure and equitable supply chain is a factor in expanding access and building trust. 

A new report from Deloitte Securing trust in the global supply chain of COVID-19 vaccines, created in collaboration with GS1, is a reflection on building a more stable supply chain, taking into account the key factors initially identified in their 2020 report, Securing trust in the global COVID-19 supply chain.

Since publishing the first report two years ago, more has been learned about the complexity of the critical success factors for organizations and governments to secure public trust in supply chains. This update demonstrates the uneven progress that has been made with respect to these factors, covering issues such as establishing global standards and developing clear communications strategies to combat vaccine hesitancy.

Download the report.

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