Spain Pharma News: Sanifit Snapped Up by Vifor; Rovi Reaps Rewards from Moderna Partnership; New Milestone for Hipra’s COVID Vaccine


The latest from Spanish pharma, including Rovi’s better-than-expected 2021 results thanks to its Moderna partnership, the approval of Hipra’s COVID-19 IIb clinical trials, Sanifit Therapeutics’ acquisition by Vifor Pharma, and the health technology sector’s request to the administration.


Grifols will use funds from GIC to reduce its debt (The Corner)

Grifols (GRF) and GIC have obtained the relevant regulatory authorisations to allow The Sovereign Wealth Fund of Singapore to go ahead with its investment to buy 23.8% of Biomat for 990 million dollars.

Grifols will maintain operating control of the company, as well as access to the recovered plasma in the over 300 plasma donation centres that Biomat has in the United States.

The funds obtained by Grifols from GIC will be used to reduce debt, following up on a previous commitment.


Rovi expects to reach 2023 forecasts this year and strengthens its collaboration with Moderna (Expansion)

Rovi expects to reach growth forecasts for 2023 this year, with operating revenues of between 588 and 609 million euros, while strengthening its collaboration with Moderna, aspiring to become its long-term manufacturing partner, according to a presentation sent today to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

The company has managed to achieve a gross operating profit of 158.6 million euros, which was predicted for 2023.


Spanish Hipra vaccine will test its effectiveness as a booster injection for people vaccinated with Pfizer (El Economista)

The trials of the Spanish Hipra vaccine will evaluate its ability to induce a third-dose immune response in adults vaccinated with Pfizer’s Cominarty. The phase IIb clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine were recently authorized by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS); it is the first COVID-19 vaccine developed in Spain to reach that milestone.


The health technology sector is asking the Administration for support to boost national production (El Español)

Companies demand the creation of a competitive environment to strengthen Spain’s candidacy as a base for industrial innovation.


Vifor Pharma acquires the Spanish Sanifit Therapeutics (El Español)

Vifor Pharma has reached an agreement to acquire Mallorcan company Sanifit Therapeutics, a cardio-renal clinical-phase biopharmaceutical company focused on treatments for progressive vascular calcification disorders. The companies expect to close the operation, the largest in the Spanish biotechnology sector, in the first quarter of 2022.


Spain: Vaccines and raw materials keep exports in record numbers (Expansion)

Spanish exports set a record in September, favored by the rising cost of raw materials and the sale of anti-COVID vaccines to Belgium, conjunctural factors that add to the sustained growth of sectors with greater export weight such as agri-food. This, according to official foreign trade data registered during the first nine months of 2021, published this week.

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