Top 10 Pharma Companies in Mexico


A compilation of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the Mexican pharmaceutical market based on IQVIA data from February MAT 2020. Four of the top ten companies are Mexican: PISA, Sanfer, Senosiain and Siegfried Rhein.


1. Sanofi

Global CEO: Paul Hudson

Country Chair: Fernando Sampaio

Sanofi has had a presence in Mexico for more than 90 years, with three industrial plants and 120 products on the Mexican market. Its focus in Mexico is on osteoarthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and oncology. It is currently led by country chair Fernando Sampaio, who previously served as Sanofi’s country manager in Portugal.


2. Bayer

Global CEO: Werner Baumann

Bayer’s overall focus is developing specialty-focused innovative medicines in the therapeutic areas of cardiology, oncology, gynecology, haematology and ophthalmology. Mexico is an important market for Bayer, making up more than 20 per cent of total sales in the Latin America region, and the affiliate has seen strong growth in its oncology treatments, specifically its kidney cancer drug Nexavar, as well as its cardiology product Xarelto. In 2016, Bayer Mexico general manager Alvaro Angel shared his view on the company’s successes and its goal of remaining in Mexico’s top 5 pharma companies.


3. PiSA

Director General: Oscar Osorio

Pisa Farmacéutica Mexicana provides drugs, products, and services to the public and private sectors in the most important health markets of Mexico and Latin America.


4. Pfizer

Global CEO: Albert Bourla

CEO & President for Mexico: María Constanza Losada

Pfizer, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, has been active in Mexico since 1951. Pfizer Mexico has been led by Argentinean María Constanza Losada since April 2020. On her appointment, Costanza Losada told the media that “Today more than ever we are focused on care in priority areas such as oncology, internal medicine, vaccines, inflammation and immunology, in-hospital care, and rare diseases, among others, providing therapeutic solutions and technological tools that empower the patient in their self-care, allow them to make informed decisions and support them with adherence to treatment. With this, we want to benefit more than 5 million Mexicans each year.”


5. Sanfer

President: Ricardo Amtmann

Sanfer, founded in Mexico in 1941 with the aim of targeting infectious diseases, now finds itself ranked in the top four in Mexico’s national pharmaceutical industry, touting more than 400 brands and products. In recent years the company has pivoted to focus on chronic and non-communicable diseases as well as oncology to meet growing patient needs. Sanfer has expanded and now has a presence in 10 Latin American countries.


6. Novartis

Global CEO: Vas Narasimhan

Country President: Fernando Cruz

Mexico hosts one of Novartis’s Global Service Centers and is one of the top 15 markets for Novartis globally. Novartis focuses its business in three areas. Its oncology division is a pioneer in cell and gene therapy, visual health, and generics and biosimilars. Its generics and biosimilars division is managed by Sandoz and offers over 1,000 different products. Finally, its vision care is managed by Alcon. Novartis Mexico president Fernando Cruz recently spoke with PharmaBoardroom about how the company’s global reshuffle has impacted Mexican operations, and the challenges inherent in bringing innovative treatments to what is a still-developing market.


7. Senosiain

Senosiain is a one hundred percent Mexican pharmaceutical company, dedicated to the development, manufacture and marketing of quality pharmaceutical products and is the leading Mexican pharmaceutical company in sales to the private sector. It currently has a presence in Mexico and Latin America.


8. Siegfried Rhein

For more than four decades, Siegfried Rhein – a subsidiary of the Argentine Laboratorios Roemmers – has been developing, producing, and marketing generic drugs. The company, which has a plant in Querétaro, also distributes other health and nutritional products for human use.


9. Johnson & Johnson

Global CEO: Alex Gorsky

Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886 at a wallpaper factory located in New Brunswick, New Jersey by 3 brothers who wanted to save lives with Joseph Lister’s theories of sterilization. J&J has been present in the Mexican market for over seven decades.

Three separate companies exist in Mexio: Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Johnson & Johnson Medical and Diagnostic Devices, and Janssen Pharmaceutical.


10. GSK

Global CEO: Emma Walmsley

GlaxoSmithKline – one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies – is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.


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