1. Ache

With USD 996.5 million in annual sales, Ache is the largest Brazilian pharma company in the domestic market. Founded 53 years ago, Ache has around 5,000 employees and boasts a portfolio of 357 brands in 899 submissions for prescription, generic and OTC drugs, covering 142 therapeutic classes and 18 medical specialties.

In Brazil, the company has five industrial plants: in São Paulo; Guarulhos, state of São Paulo; Londrina, Paraná, through the company Nortis; Anápolis, state of Goiás, through the company Melcon; and Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Pernambuco. Internationally Ache is present in 29 markets across Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.



2. EMS Pharma

The second biggest Brazilian pharma player is EMS Pharma, with USD 849.1 million in annual sales. Founded more than 55 years ago and with 100% national capital, EMS belongs to NC Group, one of Brazil’s largest conglomerates.

It has a strong presence across the country and is active in the medical prescription, generics, branded medicines, OTC, and hospital areas. The company claims to have the largest portfolio in the sector, in addition to continuously supporting social responsibility actions inside and outside Brazil.



3. Eurofarma

Eurofarma Group, founded in 1972 and with USD 713.2 million in annual sales, is the first Brazilian pharmaceutical multinational with 100% national capital. Present in 20 countries, it operates in the areas of Medical Prescription and Non-Prescription, Generic, Hospital, Bids, Oncology, Veterinary and Services for third parties’ segments. In Brazil, the portfolio is represented by 335 brands in 844 presentations, including 28 medical specialties and 148 therapeutic classes.

When PharmaBoardroom spoke to Eurofarma’s VP for Sustainability and M&A Maria del Pilar Muñoz back in 2018, she told us about how the firm was focusing on strengthening its pan-LatAm presence, at least in the short term. “Presently, we are more focused on consolidating our presence for Latin America, as having a relevant position regionally is of extreme importance for the company’s strategy,” she noted. “In the meantime, we are now finalizing our 2030 strategy plan; mapping new markets and the company’s entry into new continents. Our greatest ambition is to be global, to participate in the main pharmaceutical markets around the world.”



4. Neo Química

The fourth largest Brazilian company on the list and the sixth largest overall, with USD 390.8 million in annual sales, is NEO Quimica.

Acquired by Hypera Pharma in 2009, Neo Química has consolidated itself as one of the main brands in the Brazilian pharmaceutical segment. With more than five decades of history, it counts more than 120 molecules and 190 presentations of generics and more than 140 brands and 240 similar presentations. Today, Neo Química is a national leader in similar products and vice-leader (in volume) in generics.

In September 2020, Hypera Pharma bought the naming rights to Brazilian football team Corinthians’ stadium. The ground, located in São Paulo, is now called the ‘Neo Química Arena.’



5. Mantecorp Farmasa

Another member of the Hypera Pharma Group, Mantecorp Farmasa is in fifth place on the list with USD 362.9 in annual sales. One of the leading brands in the Brazilian pharmaceutical market, with a diversified portfolio of products and presentations in the Primary Care segment in both prescription and OTC indications.



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* This is the INTERFARMA ranking based on IQVIA data and is a MAT (PPP – Price with discount at time of sale – USD millions) for December 2018.