US Elections: Biden & Trump’s Unworkable Drug Pricing Proposals; COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers


In the aftermath of the fiery first presidential debate between incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic Party rival Joe Biden, we round up the latest on how the latest developments in US politics stand to affect pharma and healthcare. Featured are the two candidates’ proposals for drug pricing reform and Trump’s threat to override the US FDA and authorise a COVID-19 vaccine prior to it passing through the full clinical trials process.


Big Pharma Backs Joe Biden, But People Don’t Think He’ll Fix Drug Pricing (Newsweek)

Former Vice President Joe Biden is winning the race for donations from Big Pharma but experts and industry stakeholders doubt his plans will successfully lower drug prices or address underlying issues in the industry.


Trump’s Drug-Pricing Ideas Would Cost Taxpayers a Bundle (Bloomberg)

Pharmaceutical companies, on the other hand, would stand to make a lot more money.


With US elections nearing, European pharma giants brace for potential pricing action: analysts (Fierce Pharma)

It’s not just Americans anxiously awaiting the results of the upcoming elections. The races could affect European pharma companies in a big way.


Trump Is Encouraging Big Pharma’s Worst Instincts (The New Republic)

The president has suggested he’d override his own regulators to rush out a coronavirus vaccine. Can ethically dubious drug companies be trusted to pump the brakes?


COVID vaccine becomes divisive issue in US election campaign (FT)

Donald Trump, a long-term sceptic, is pushing for a speedy approval while Democrats urge caution

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