With the recent publication of Ten years on: Measuring the Return from Pharmaceutical Innovation 2019, PharmaBoardroom has teamed up with Deloitte to offer its readers an exclusive webinar on The Future of Biopharma.


On 25th February 2020, join us to discuss the major trends that have impacted the biopharma industry over the past ten years, the disruptive forces that stand to shape it in the years ahead, and the innovative solutions biopharma companies may have to adopt to overcome them.


The webinar will draw on the findings of Ten years on: Measuring the Return from Pharmaceutical Innovation 2019, which analyses the return on investment that the 12 top biopharma companies may expect to achieve from their late-stage pipelines, along with four smaller, more specialised companies for comparison.


The report charts how the past decade has seen increasing pressures undermine the productivity of biopharma R&D, leading to a decade of decline in the return on investment. At the same time, innovative new treatments are changing the face of disease management. New treatment modalities and an increasing understanding of precision medicine have led to the need for new R&D models and a future where medicine is more participatory, preventative and personalised.


Webinar: The Future of Biopharma – Predicting the forces that will shape the Biopharma industry


 25 February 2020
15:00-15:45 (GMT)


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