written on 07.04.2014

AstraZeneca to integrate dendrimer drug delivery technology in oncology portfolio


Global Pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca plans to integrate Dendrimer drug delivery technology developed by Australia based biotech company Starpharma Technology, in its oncology pipeline to enhance drug delivery.
AstraZeneca, which employs over 50,000 people globally with around 1,000 staff in Australia and derives 12 per cent of its global sales from existing oncology products, will investigate the potential benefits of the technology in some of its pipeline cancer medicines.<br /> <br />"As a company, we have a responsibility to our patients to ensure we are at the forefront of new developments and continue to strive to deliver targeted treatment options that improve patients’ lives. As a leading discovery led company this alliance represents an exciting collaboration with an Australian-based company to combine the oncology treatments of tomorrow that AstraZeneca are developing with innovative delivery mechanisms from Starpharma," said Mr. Mark Fladrich, Managing Director, AstraZeneca Australia. <br /> <br />Commenting on the announcement, Starpharma CEO Dr Jackie Fairley said, "AstraZeneca are a global leader in oncology treatment and we are very pleased to be expanding our relationship with them focussed on improving the delivery and performance of oncology treatments. Through partnerships with a global giant like AstraZeneca we’re taking an innovative Australian delivery technology to the world stage and expanding the range of applications for it and benefits to patients.<br /> <br />Mr Fladrich added, "Australia is rich with innovative, discovery led companies in life sciences. However, to fully exploit the potential of this knowledge based sector we need policies that create an environment that encourages investment and will allow this sector to compete in what is a highly competitive global market place."