written on 25.03.2014

Austrinova to manufacture living encapsulated cells for Nuvilex


Austrianova, a cell encapsulation company, has signed a Manufacturing Framework Agreement with Nuvilex to produce living encapsulated cells to cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard.
The encapsulated cells, also known as Cell-in-a-Box, will be used for Nuvilex’s preclinical studies and clinical trials in patients with pancreatic cancer and other types of cancer.
Signing of the Manufacturing Framework Agreement is linked to an initial payment to Austrianova by Nuvilex as part of a "set-up" fee. Austrianova was contracted by Nuvilex to perform the encapsulation because it developed and matured the entire Cell-in-a-Box cellulose-based live-cell encapsulation process and is considered the world’s foremost experts in this unique and proprietary technology.
The encapsulation of live cells capable of activating anticancer prodrugs such as ifosfamide and cyclophosphamide into its cancer-killing forms will be performed at Austrianova’s cGMP-compliant facilities being established in Thailand. The capsules containing the live cells will be implanted in patients with advanced, non-resectable pancreatic cancer, and together with ifosfamide, will form Nuvilex’s novel treatment for this deadly disease. In addition, the encapsulated cells will be used in connection with Nuvilex’s planned preclinical studies and clinical trials for the treatment of other forms of cancer.
Mr. Brian Salmons, the CEO of Austrianova, commented "We are pleased that the U.S. listed biotech company Nuvilex Inc is planning to use our Cell-in-a-Box technology and has awarded this manufacturing contract to Austrianova for the cGMP-compliant encapsulation of living cells. It represents yet another validation of Austrianova’s Cell-in-a-Box technology".