written on 11.03.2014

Blood test to predict Alzheimer’s with 90% accuracy


Researchers from the Georgetown University in Washington DC, US, have revealed that testing levels of 10 fats in the blood could predict the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease in the next three years with 90 percent accuracy. The findings have been published in Nature Medicine.
The scientists analyzed blood samples from 525 people over the age of 70 as part of a five-year study. The researches took 53 of them who developed Alzheimer’s or mild cognitive impairment and compared their blood with 53 who stayed mentally agile and found differences in the levels of 10 lipids, or fats, between the two groups.
On analyzing the other blood samples, those 10 markers of Alzheimer’s could predict who was likely to enter mental decline in the following years.
So far they know a diagnosis of dementia can be predicted three years ahead of time, but the researchers are now investigating whether the test works even earlier. It is not clear exactly what is causing the change in fats in the blood, but it could be a residue of the early changes in the brain.