written on 12.03.2014

Bristol-Myers Squibb to shed 160 jobs


Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is going to shut down its facility at Cruiserath in Blanchardstown, West Dublin, which is expected to lead to a loss of 130 jobs. Additionally, 30 jobs will be lost at BMS’ manufacturing plant in Swords, Co Dublin.
In a statement, the company said the decision to close its Cruiserath operation came due to a change in market demand for several products manufactured there. It will close at the end of 2015. Elsewhere, a single operating unit at its Swords plant will also close within the same time frame.
The company said this was due to "ongoing optimization in the company’s manufacturing network" but that in the future the facility, which employs over 320 people, would "remain a key supplier" of bulk pharmaceuticals.
Ms Susan Hynes, general manager, API Operations Ireland, said that, "Bristol-Myers Squibb has a long history in Ireland and the company’s presence here plays an important role in the BMS global manufacturing network. The company is working with IDA Ireland to explore potential future uses of the Cruiserath facility and will endeavor to minimize job losses in Ireland."