Servier Russia

Address: 2 Paveletskaya Sq., Build. 3 (7th floor), Moscow, 115054,Russia

Tel: (495) 937-07-00


Company description

We are driven by the belief in the excellence of our profession.

Ours is a research-based organization, fulfilling a basic need and dedicated to the future.

Our entire activity is based on three key principles:

• Our chief principle, naturally, is to satisfy the needs of the physicians who prescribe our products and of the patients who benefit from them.
• Just as importantly, we want our research to contribute to the progress of medicine. Research to us is at least as vital as being an industry.
• Our third principle is all the more crucial as it is too often overlooked: it is that every person working for us should find fulfillment through and in what he or she does.

Products and services

Cardiovascular diseases
Venous disease