written on 03.01.2023

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Currently in the midst of a generational transformation of its healthcare system, Egypt has more to recommend it than ever to the global life sciences investment community. Not only is the country attempting to bring its entire 100+ million population under some form of universal health coverage for the first time, but the Egyptian leadership has also rolled out several presidential initiatives tackling key issues including Hepatitis C, chronic disease and kidney failure, and women’s health.

Moreover, Egypt now boasts a revitalised and more robust institutional and regulatory framework, with several new institutions having been created. All this has led to a pharma market which is growing at three times the regional average, stands second only to Saudi Arabia in terms of value within the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region, and takes top spot on volume.

This new report features the insights of the governmental stakeholders spearheading a new openness to medical innovation and industry collaborations, the pharma and medtech multinational country managers able to offer an on-the-ground perspective of the momentous change dynamic underway, MEA heads with a region-wide view, and the pioneering chiefs of local firms aiming to position Egypt as a regional manufacturing and R&D hub. Some of the key topics covered include regulatory reform, the progress of Egypt’s push for universal healthcare, regional collaborations, manufacturing trends, hospital infrastructure investments, outcome-based procurement, clinical trials potential, product launch experiences, women in leadership, and much more. Given the highly optimistic statements of the executives interviewed within and the tangible progress already made in its healthcare transformation, Egypt looks set to remain a country and market to watch closely in the coming years.

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