written on 01.06.2022

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PharmaBoardroom’s latest report, InFigures: Middle East & Africa (MENA) 2022 features up-to-date datasets from the region’s leading pharma markets and regional production hubs. MENA may be the smallest pharmaceutical market in the world, accounting for just 2 percent of world market, but it has seen remarkable growth over the last few years and is estimated to reach around USD 60 billion by 2025. Key drivers behind this growth are a surge in population, increased life expectancy and the predominance of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, with governments in the region focusing more and more on healthcare.

Covering everything from macroeconomy to population health, market growth, company rankings, and export markets, this exclusive new report is an excellent jumping-off point for those looking to learn more about the region. Featured markets include those leading in terms of growth, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Algeria, as well as Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Africa.

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