written on 18.04.2023

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This exclusive new report, bringing together stakeholders from across the Latin American healthcare and life sciences ecosystem, shines a light on a continent, and an industry, poised for increased global relevance in the coming years.

While economic and political uncertainty remain facts of life in LatAm, the region also has all the fundamentals of a competitive life sciences investment destination. Its 650 million-strong population are served by a mix of robust public and private healthcare institutions and live longer than their counterparts in any other developing region. LatAm clinical trials currently make up ten percent of the global total with the potential for far more, and the region’s regulators are increasingly open to alignment and reliance activities to bring lifesaving innovation to their nation’s patients more rapidly.

The picture is not altogether rosy and many access gaps need to be closed, but – as the comments from the representatives of innovation-based multinational firms, local affordable medicine manufacturers, and regulatory heads contained within this report show – in many ways, LatAm is moving in the right direction.

Other topics covered in Healthcare & Life Sciences Review: The Future of Healthcare in Latin America 2023 include vaccine uptake and rollout, the state of digitalisation and technology adoption across the continent, the admirable LatAm talent pool, lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic experience, the growing role of patient associations, differing operating models and portfolio strategies, and much more.

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