2020 Edition

Oncology in Morocco: Access Challenges & New Solutions

Morocco has made admirable progress in building a national oncology network in recent years, but the country’s cancer patients still face significant challenges in terms of accessing the latest therapies. Here, the Morocco heads of companies with global…

The Moroccan Firms Bringing MNCs to Africa

Some of the more entrepreneurial Moroccan local laboratories have spotted an opening to leverage their knowledge of Sub Saharan African markets and to act as a conduit and partner for MNCs seeking to break into that region and penetrate those jurisdictions.

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Morocco: Becoming a Pharma Manufacturing Hub for Africa

Multinational pharmaceutical companies are increasingly seeing Morocco as a top manufacturing destination for the African continent. Firms from Europe, Asia-Pacific and the US are investing millions of dollars in bolstering and expanding…

Moroccan Pharma Companies to Know

Morocco, one of the most significant pharmaceutical markets in Africa, boasts a number of domestic firms. Here we highlight eight of the most significant of these companies, the scope of their operation in Morocco and beyond Africa, and the partnerships they have struck with multinational firms.

New IQVIA Study Sparks Controversy in Moroccan Pharma

Ensuring the country’s “sanitary sovereignty” has long been a key policy for Morocco and its government. In order to encourage the local production of drugs, Law 17-04 was promulgated in 2006 requiring pharma companies to operate…

CEO Profile
Company Spotlight
Taher Hassen
General Manager, Morocco and Tunisia, Merck

Taher Hassen has been in position as GM for Morocco and Tunisia at Merck for four years, overseeing year-on-year double-digit growth for the affiliate ever since. His current priorities include facilitating greater access to innovation within Morocco and bringing…

Company Spotlight
Prepped for Success

Iberma, one of the leading domestic pharma manufacturers in Morocco, has evolved significantly since its founding in 1994 to become the market leader in several therapeutic areas. The company also has an increasingly international footprint, with plans to capture new opportunities in Africa and Europe.

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