2020 Edition

Brain Drain: A Ticking Time Bomb for Romanian Healthcare

According to a 2015 United Nations International Migration Report, since Romania joined the European Union in 2007, around 3.4 million Romanians have left the country in search of a better quality of life and economic opportunity.

Romania’s Vaccination Crisis: Small Steps Forward

Quite unfortunately, Romania has some of the highest infant mortality and maternal mortality rates in Europe, and even more worrying, the downward trend seems to be continuing, most notably with significant measles outbreaks occurring in the…

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Romania: Europe’s Most Challenging Market for Generics?

While the dismal regulatory environment in Romania has negatively affected the innovators with the uncertain and lengthy regulatory approval timelines as well as the dreaded ‘clawback tax’ doubling over the past decade, the generics sector has…

Words of Wisdom for New Pharma Country Managers in Romania

Despite the challenging characteristics of the Romanian market, with a large population of nearly 20 million people and significant unmet medical needs, the country will undoubtedly continue to be strategic to multinationals in the region. This also means a…

Romania’s Emergency Healthcare Ordinance: Papering Over Larger Cracks?

State hospitals in Bucharest are increasingly overloaded with patients due to a lack of resources and specialists. This pressure is amplified by the fact that many Romanians turn to emergency services for even minor conditions. To rectify this situation…

CEO Profile
Company Spotlight
Jorge Levinson
Head, Bayer Pharmaceuticals Romania & Moldova

Appointed in August 2019 to head up Bayer Romania and Moldova’s Pharmaceuticals division, 15-year Bayer veteran Jorge Levinson may be new to the market but certainly not new to the general manager position.

Company Spotlight
Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) Romania
A Perfect Fit

With the 2019 acquisition of Celgene – one of the largest pharma acquisition in history – two of the sector’s most innovative oncology companies have joined forces to lead the charge against cancer. The combined entity is expected to rise in the global biopharma…

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