United Arab Emirates

2020 Edition

The UAE: Becoming a Global Pharma Management Hub

From Turkey to Tajikistan, Bangladesh to Bahrain, and Russia to Rwanda, multinational pharma firms are increasingly situating wide-ranging management responsibilities in the UAE….

Embracing Innovation: The UAE as an Initial Product Launch Platform

The UAE’s distinctive willingness to embrace innovation and the ‘can-do’ spirit of authorities marks the country out as worthy of attention as an initial product launch platform.

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The UAE: Early Adopters of Cutting-Edge Medical Technology

In some respects, is it perhaps the medtech sector that has most to be excited about in the UAE’s domestic market, given the country’s unrelenting enthusiasm for connected devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital solutions. According to a…

Abu Dhabi’s New Genome Program: Betting on Tailored Health

As part of its endeavour to provide world-class healthcare, on December 10 2019, the Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DoH) announced a national program to use large-scale genomic data with the aim of allowing doctors working in the Emirate to…

Four Top US Investments in UAE Healthcare

The UAE is putting a greater emphasis on healthcare than ever before as part of its ‘Vision 2021’ model. With the aim of being “flexible in adopting new economic models and capitalizing on global economic partnerships,” the Emirates are seeing…

CEO Profile
Company Spotlight
Karim Smaira & Kamel Ghammachi
CEO & Chairman, Genpharm, UAE

With a combined experience of over five decades in the pharmaceutical industry including senior executive roles at companies such as Merck and Janssen, Karim Smaira…

Company Spotlight
Fujifilm MEA
From Film to the Future

When the photographic film industry faced a crisis in the early 2000s, market leader Kodak began to struggle and was obliged to make an existential decision. In 2010, worldwide demand for photographic film had fallen to less than a tenth of what it had…

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