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The US healthcare industry is perhaps a more polarizing one than most, evoking praise and admiration from advocates as a driving force within one of the most innovative ecosystems in the world, delivering novel and life-saving therapies to patients within the US and globally, while at the same time drawing ire and criticism from detractors as a player in one of the world’s most unequal health systems. While healthcare has always been an issue of great concern and interest to the American public, national attention on this topic reached an unprecedented height in 2020, a contentious election year that coincided with a devastating global pandemic ravaging the country.

The stakes are high and the subject matter is weighty. From the perennial preoccupation with drug prices to the new technologies and therapeutic modalities being developed, there is certainly a lot at stake when it comes to innovation, access, and affordability for patients in the US.

This inaugural edition of the US Healthcare and Life Sciences Review has collated comments and insights from stakeholders across regulators, health insurers, pharma and biotech companies, as well as patient and industry associations, to provide an incisive snapshot of the US healthcare industry during one of during one of its most defining periods most defining periods, and to look at how far the sector has come and ultimately, how much further the sector has to go, in order to achieve its fundamental mission: delivering innovative, quality and life-changing therapies in an accessible and sustainable manner. 

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Innovation, Access and Affordability

The US stands as the biopharma innovation champion of the world, a global leader on nearly all R&D indices related to investment and innovation. It also holds a tremendous amount of clout, representing half the world’s healthcare market, and the US healthcare industry itself is nearly 20 percent of the country’s GDP, employing one in every ten American workers (11 percent).

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