Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 99Kechuang 14th Street,Building 18,Unit 2,Suite 201B,BDA,Beijing 101111,China

Tel: 86-10-59755729

Web: http://www.antibodychina.com/

Company description

AbMax Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and now is a high-tech enterprise and training base for the national life science and technical personnel. AbMax has the world’s most advanced one-stop technology platform for antibodies and kits researching, which has the monoclonal antibody developed in an average of 46 days with a high success rate of 90%. Moreover, AbMax is also the fastest, best and most competitive service provider of antibody developing in China and one of the world’s best service providers of antibody developing.

Products and services

In the past six years, AbMax provided services for a number of multinational pharmaceutical companies, the domestic and foreign well-known research units and bio-pharmaceutical enterprises and successfully developed thousands of high quality monoclonal antibodies for the antibody drug, protein, peptide, pathogens, small molecules and other antigens and dozens of kits. AbMax also undertook a dozen government major research projects and established the largest pathogen antibody library for emerging/outbreaking infectious diseases in China.



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