Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: ul. Domaniewska 50
02-672 Warsaw,Poland

Tel: (22) 611 47 50


Company description

MEDIQ NV Group is an international retail and wholesale supplier of pharmaceutical products and medical devices and a logistics service provider operating in the pharmaceutical branch in the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary as well as in the United States.

MEDIQ NV Group conducts its activity in the three main business areas: management of pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesale warehouses (Pharmacy), supply of products and provision of services in the scope of home health care (Direct), supply of pharmaceutical and medical products to hospitals and companies providing home health care services (Institutional).

MEDIQ NV focuses its activity on the end recipient, striving to provide the end recipient with the most optimal way of supply of the product.
In Poland MEDIQ NV operates through the group of companies with ACP PHARMA S.A. acting as the dominant entity in the group.

Products and services

ACP PHARMA is a company providing services in the scope of distribution of medicinal and medical products to pharmacies, wholesalers and hospitals as well as logistics services to producers from the pharmaceutical industry.

We specialise in:

logistics services provided to pharmaceutical companies
services provided to pharmaceutical wholesalers
services provided to pharmacies
services provided to pharmacies located in hospitals



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