Actavis (Malta) Ltd

Last updated: 13.02.2014




Company description

The Malta facility, through its 520 highly talented employees and its continuous improvement philosophy, has become, since 2001, a key contributor to the Actavis group of companies, selling a number of branded generics as well as other generic pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the favourable patent environment as well as the strong technical infrastructure on the island have helped in no small measure our facility’s rapid growth, driven by the considerable investment from its parent company.

Our markets have now become the highly regulated and competitive EU ones and, as such, compliance to the European stringent standards has helped us to develop into a state-of-the-art operation. New packaging lines have also improved our ability to supply our customers with ready-made consumer packs, in line with our philosophy of being consistently responsive to customer needs.

Malta also hosts one of Actavis’ key development centres. Several development projects are in progress with a view to manufacturing new products for the group, in line with the Actavis drive of broadest portfolio – faster to market.

Looking back to 1976 when the local company was first established as a supplier of essential pharmaceuticals to aid agencies, all of the above represents a noteworthy achievement rendered possible by the dedication of our employees as well as the trust of our parent company.

Products and services

Our product portfolio is set to expand as development expertise continues growing. This will demand significant optimisation of our manufacturing technology as well as the development of our local team that will increasingly become specialized in lean tools, accelerated project management and new technical skills.



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