Actelion Brazil

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Praia de Botafogo 501 1° Andar Bloco Corcovado 22250-040 Rio de Janeiro – RJ,Brazil

Tel: 55 21 3266 6200


Company description

In 2002, Actelion opened its first office in Latin America. Brazil was chosen as the venue due to different factors. The country is a medical centre in the region and is endowed with considerable structure, hospital and medical science. Brazil also possesses a strong political and social framework and is projected to be an important partner in international decisions, not only due its specific significance, such as increasing the performance of its economy.

In addition, it has development programs and conducts scientific and technological research.
Due to its growth potential in pharmaceuticals and its status as one of the largest research centers of reference in the continent, Brazil was chosen to as base of operations for Actelion in Latin America.

Products and services

Tracleer, Zavesca


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