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The French Agency for the Safety of Health Products (AFSSAPS) was created by the Act of 1 July 1998 establishing a watchdog and security and safety. This is a public institution under the State supervision of the Ministry of Health. Afssaps’s mission is to ensure job security, quality and proper use of these health products.

Its jurisdiction applies to medicines and raw materials, medical devices and medical devices in vitro diagnostic (or laboratory reagents), for therapeutic products and biological products of human origin (labile blood products, organs, tissues, cells, products of gene and cell therapies), cosmetics and tattoo products.

AFSSAPS is an integeral piece of the public health system. Its activity assessment, monitoring and inspection is based on a high-level expertise to make available health products as safe as possible. It extends into the development and dissemination of information tailored to the needs of health professionals and the public. Moreover, AFSSAPS ensures that each patient receives treated products including pharmaceutical quality, the safety profile and efficacy are demonstrated and validated.

* Public Institution of the State created March 9, 1999, under supervision of the Minister for Health
* A team of nearly a thousand professionals
* More than 2,000 experts meeting in committees and working groups
* Laboratories in Saint-Denis, Lyon and Montpellier
* An operating budget of 109.6 million € for 2009

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