Ahn-Gook Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

Last updated: 25.02.2015

logoAhn-Gook Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd has developed and supplied outstanding medicines for the last 45 years, dedicated to developing “advanced pharmaceutical products for health and happiness of the mankind.” As a result of this sustainable effort and growth Ahn-Gook has achieved KOSDAQ enlistment and transparent management as a recognized pharmaceutical developer. Ahn-Gook has set a new vision to realize “new world-class medicine and global marketing by 2020.” In the 21st century, only companies with core technology and key manpower survive. Therefore, Ahn-Gook is accumulating core technology to develop new world-class medicine and fostering key manpower for developing and marketing our new medicines.

Contact details

993-75 Daerim-2-dong Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

TEL +82 2 3289 4200



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