Last updated: 10.12.2015


The Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) is the national authority responsible for drugs regulation in Italy. It is a public body operating autonomously, transparently and according to cost-effectiveness criteria, under the direction of the Ministry of Health and under the vigilance of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy. It cooperates with the Regional Authorities, the National Institute of Health, Research Institutes, Patients’ Associations, Health Professionals, Scientific Associations the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Distributors.

The mission:

–       Promote good health through medicines

–       Set fair pharmaceutical policies and assure their consistent application nationwide

–       Manage the value and cost of medicines

–       Promote pharmaceutical research and development

–      Demonstrate independence and leadership both at home and internationally.


Address: Via della Sierra Nevada, 60 – 00144 – ROMA -,Italy

Tel: +39 06 5978401




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