Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 52, bld 5, Kosmodamianskaya Naberezhnaya,Moscow, Russia, 115054,Russia

Tel: + 7 (495) 721 36 97

Web: http://www.akrikhin.ru/

Company description

AKRIKHIN founded in 1936, is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical producer of high-quality medicines on the Russian pharmaceutical market. By 2010 results AKRIKHIN is the 5th largest local producer by revenue and production volume on the Russian pharmaceutical market.

AKRIKHIN product portfolio counts more than 150 products focused within strategically selected Anatomo Therapeutic Classes including cardiovascular, neurology, dermatology, gynecology, pediatrics. AKRIKHIN produces a wide range of socially important medications thus making a tangible input into the development of the Russian healthcare system. AKRIKHIN is a major Russian producer of Essential Drugs which account up to 70% share of the Company product portfolio. Special emphasis is made on strategic directions of high social value – production of drugs for diabetes and tuberculosis treatment.

With the Company Field Force operating in 76 cities all across Russia and highly professional marketing team AKRIKHIN has succeeded in forming a wide and well-diversified product portfolio well recognized by doctors.

AKRIKHIN production facilities is a consolidated GMP-oriented complex located 30 km from Moscow with the workshops for production of a vast spectre of drug forms: tablets, capsules, ointments, gels, creams, syrups, etc. AKRIKHIN production existing capacities amount to more than 50 mln packs per year.

Starting from 2007 AKRIKHIN entered a strategic alliance with Polpharma – the largest Polish manufacturer of generic drugs and pharmaceutical substances. AKRIKHIN and Polpharma strategic partnership embracesincorporates common product portfolio, production technologies transfer, R&D cooperation, access to best European practices and standards, joint educational programmes for personnel.

In the “Rating of influence of Russian pharmaceutical market participants” based on pharmaceutical market experts’ opinions “AKRIKHIN” is included into the TOP 3 most authoritative and influential Russian pharmaceutical producers upon the results of 2010.

AKRIKHIN priding on its 75-years’ history and traditions builds on its successful performance on the Russian pharmaceutical market, dynamically adapting itself to modern business practices and technologies.

Products and services

In its portfolio of more than 150 products of various dosage forms: tablets, capsules, creams, suppositories, creams, syrups. Akrihin focuses on therapeutic areas with high social importance, ie most sought-after Russian health care system: cardiology, diabetes, neurology, dermatology, tuberculosis, gynecology and pediatrics



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