Almirall Mexico

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Periferico Sur 3325 Piso 1, Col. San Jeronimo Lidice, Mexico D.F.

Tel: +52 5 559 998 600


Company description

Almirall is an international pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Spain, based on innovation and committed to health, and develops, manufactures and commercializes its own Research & Development driven licensed drugs, with the aim of improving health and welfare of people. Currently, our drugs are marketed in over 70 countries including the USA and Japan, either through our own subsidiaries or through marketing agreements with renowned pharmaceutical companies. Almirall has 11 subsidiaries in Europe, including Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland and Switzerland and Mexico. Almirall S.A. de C.V.- the company’s only Latin American presence- began operating in 2000 with the aim of consolidating the company’s international expansion and entering placing its main strategic products into the Mexican market specifically.

Products and services

Almirall S.A. de C.V. currently has 9 innovative products in the Mexican market in fields ranging from Dermatology to Oncology, which provide solutions to Mexican society in improving their quality of life and health.



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