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Address: Calle 73 No. 8-13 Torre A, piso 7 Conmutador Bogota, Colombia

Tel: +57 1 326 8500


Company description

National Business Association of Colombia is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to expand and promote economic, social and political principles within a free enterprise system, based upon beliefs that include human dignity, political democracy, social justice, private property and liberty.

ANDI was created in the city of Medellin in September 11, 1944, and since then it has always been the most important private sector association. It groups more than 1100 companies that belong to different sectors of the economy: manufacturing, financial, food, mining, health, agriculture, services, among others and therefore represents a high percentage of Colombia’s GDP and total employment.

The Association has its headquarters in Medellin, but also has branches in the cities of Bogotá, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Cali, Cartagena, Pereira, Manizales, Ibagué, and Santander de Quilichao.

As representative of the private sector’s interests, the National Business Association of Colombia assumes the representation of its members before national and international institutions, dealing with economic, legal, social, environmental, and business issues.

ANDI interacts before the legislative and executive branches of the public sector, in order to contribute in the issuing of laws of national convenience.

ANDI advises and informs its members on subjects related with business activity, aiming towards management orientation and greater harmony in the relations with the community.

ANDI coordinates activities between its members, thus enabling private sector’s unified criteria in important national topics.

ANDI supports its members in their efforts to adjust industrial activity to environmental requirements as well as society’s needs. It also directs modernization processes that contribute to sustainable economic growth.

ANDI promotes the progress of business undertakings in the search of increases in productivity and efficiency.

To serve and represent, promote, and sustain an environment where corporations and markets can develop properly, offer adequate support and respond to its members needs, regardless of their economic activity or the size of the firm.

Products and services


* ANDI represents its members before international, national and local agencies. The Association communicates its members opinions and proposals, always having in mind the welfare and benefit of the business sector. At all the different levels, ANDI listens, analyzes, transmits, and looks for solutions for the private sector’s needs.


* ANDI’s has a broad database permanently updated, reliable, and responding to the business world’s needs. The Association is constantly in communication with its members, informing them about the current events and the possibilities and potential they can take advantage of, within their activity. ANDI’s members can always consult bulletins, specialized memos, magazines, newscasts, documents, surveys, comparative charts, research, modern data processing techniques, the institution’s library, and documentation centers.


* ANDI is willing to advice its members with specialized and trained personnel. The coverage is wide including, among others, subjects such as environmental, economic, legal, social, foreign trade, communication, training, and technological issues. All this within the purpose of promoting economic and private sector’s development.

Events – Meetings

* ANDI is permanently updated on aspects related with business activity. Its interest is to facilitate whatever requirements businessmen might have. Consequently, ANDI organizes seminars, conferences, lectures, workshops, work groups, and meetings that clarify, contribute, update, inform, and promote private sector development. Members of the Association are given special conditions when participating in these events.


* ANDI enables contacts crucial for the firm’s management, at national as well as international levels. ANDI also promotes cooperation agreements with other business associations. ANDI is a dynamic institution, adapting, defending, and suggesting whatever is best for professional enhancement.

Regional Activity

* The institution has several regional branches that have among its functions, to promote business participation in local matters. In this area ANDI’s regional managers represent, analyze, and spread their members’ needs and proposals. They also promote projects responding to regional or general interests.

Specialization by activity

* ANDI groups firms belonging to the same economic sector, in order to engage in activities of common benefit. This implies lower costs given the backing and support of our organization. Currently ANDI has specialized chambers as follows:
* Shipbuilders
* Asomineros – Mining
* Legal Issues
* Automobile
* Fedemetal – Iron and steel, metallic products and machinery
* Fedemol – industry of wheat and its products
* Industrial and Medical gas
* High energy consumers
* Induarroz – Rice industry
* Prepared animal feeds
* Cosmetics, detergents and related products
* Logistics
* Leather Industry
* Pharmaceutical Industry
* Industry paper and related products
* Industry of Flavors and Fragrances
* Fishing Industry
* Suppliers and Distribution Channels
* Health products
* Procultivos – products for crop’s protection
* Health
* Cotton, fibers, textile and apparels
* Household-electric appliances
* Free Trade Zones



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