Andrómaco Chile

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Avenida Quilín 5273, Peñalolén, Santiago,Chile

Tel: +(562) 594 8000


Company description

Laboratorios Andrómaco began operations in Chile in 1942 and by 1977 was already listed within the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the country. Besides having a leadership position in most of its product categories today it is the #1 provider for public health institutions, with their main client being CENABAST. The company specializes in prescription drugs, but also has a wide range of high technology products, generics and OTC. Andromaco represents a number of international companies through licensing and distribution agreements that together make up its extensive portfolio of products. The company prides itself in its ability to quickly and efficiently introduce new products into the market given their expertise in sales and marketing.

Products and services

Prescription Drugs, Generics, OTC, Cosmetics


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