APC Institute

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: ul. Grójecka 22/24/ lok 4 02-301 Warszawa

Tel: (22) 668 68 23

Web: http://www.apcinstytut.pl/

Company description

APC Institute is a leader in the group of companies serving the pharmaceutical industry completely – POM (Rx) and OTC. Since 1996 we cooperate with domestic and international pharmaceutical corporations. The company holds a 100% Polish capital is directed by a 4-person Board of Directors.

Products and services

We offer professional consulting services in the following areas: rental of medical representatives ( pharmaceutical outsourcing ), registration of medicinal products and medical devices ( drug registration ; Regulatory Affairs Poland ), monitoring the safety of pharmacotherapy ( Pharmacovigilance ), recruitment ( recruitment center ), training, sales management and management marketing.


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