APL Indonesia

Last updated: 10.07.2017

APL has been successfully serving the Indonesian healthcare market since 1985. In our line of business, customer coverage, reach and service are clearly amongst the most important of the necessary core competencies of our organization.  Our distribution network rapidly expanded to meet the needs of the market in all of 34 provinces. We operate 33 warehouses in 28 cities across Indonesia and our sales forces are present in 104 cities. Furthermore, the sales teams visit customers in secondary and tertiary cities in their areas bringing the total number of cities covered to 434 and the number of directly served customers to around 28,000. We constantly strive to provide relevant tailored solutions, value-added services and critical market insights to our healthcare partners to enable them to best connect with and realize the full market potential of the fast-growing and diverse Indonesian market places.


Address: Graha Atrium Lt.12 , Jalan Senen Raya, N.135. Jakarta. Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 3456 008


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