Association of European Businesses (AEB)

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 127473, Moscow, Krasnoproletarskaya ul. 16 bld. 3, entrance 8 (4th floor).,Russia

Tel: +7 (495) 234 2764


Company description

created in 1995 by a number of companies operating in the Russian market, ambassadors of EU member
countries and the head of the European Commission’s Representative Office in the Russia;
– includes over 630 European companies and banks active in Russia, from small-size newcomers to major
multinational corporations from all countries of the European Union. The Association also includes a
number of key Russian, American, Japanese and other companies;
– is a unique organization developing cooperation between Russian and European business circles. The
AEB mission is to improve the business and investment climate in Russia in the interests of its member
companies and promote a favorable image of Russia abroad to improve the business development
conditions inside the country and attract foreign investors;
– annually organizes some 80 conferences, seminars, briefings and roundtable discussions dedicated to
vital aspects of running a business in Russia. Regular speakers at the Association’s Dialogue with
European Business include Ministers of the Russian Government, Members of the State Duma of the
Russia, heads of key economy agencies and organizations, heads of administrations of
Russian regions, official representatives of international financial organizations, independent experts and
leading European and Russian businessmen. AEB is a regular participant in EU and Russian
industrialists’ roundtable discussions and international investment forums in St. Petersburg and Sochi.
The supreme authority is exercised by the Association General Meeting of Members. The
Meeting elects the Council of National Representation including one representative from each business
association or national business community of the EU member states, European Free Trade Association
and European countries in the process of accession to the EU, plus the Executive Board of 9 members
who elect their Chairman from among themselves (currently, Reiner Hartmann, Head of the E.ON
Ruhrgas Representative Office in Moscow). To manage its current affairs, the Executive Board elects
Chief Executive Officer (currently, Dr. Frank Schauff).

Products and services

Members of the Association promote their interests via participation in various committees.
There are currently 40 committees and working groups representing companies from various industries.
AEB committees include the Agribusiness Committee, Airlines Committee, Automobile Manufacturers
Committees, Automotive Components Committees, Banking Committee, Energy Committee, as well as
the Energy Efficiency Committee, IT and Telecom Committee, Insurance and Pensions Benefits
Committee, Health and Pharmaceuticals Committee, Machine Building and Engineering Committee,
Finance and Investments Committee, Legal Committee, Migration Committee, Human Resources Committee, Taxation Committee, Customs and Transport Committee, Real Estate and Property Finance, Safety, Health, Environment and Security Committee and others.
The Association engages European and Russian experts to consult Russian officials and its
member companies in legal, financial and economic matters. In particular, practical support is offered in
safe and transparent investment, and issues of human resources and corporate management are discussed.
The Association promotes its members’ interests in contacts with the EU authorities,
cooperating with them closely and holding regular consultations with relevant officials. Such measures
are as a rule initiated by the Executive Board of the Association or by one of its Committees. The
European Commission is regularly consulted with the Association in connection about financial and
commercial relations with the Russia. The multi-level structure of the bilateral relations
strengthens the role of the European business community and creates new opportunities. AEB’s lobbying
is based on the maximum transparency, high professionalism and a mechanism of reacting to new
challenges which has been adjusted over many years.
The Association develops its relations with other business partners in Russia such as the
Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, The Foreign Investment Advisory Council (where
AEB is actively engaged on the level of both the entire organization and its specific members), Petroleum
Advisory Forum, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russia, American Chamber
of Commerce in Russia, Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, Russo-British Chamber of Commerce,
French Club, Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce and others. The Association also plays an
important role in the organization of the Round Table of European Union and Russian Industrialists.
Cultural and social life.
The extensive program of events includes regular informal meetings under the
general name of EuroReceptions when one of 27 EU member countries organizes a reception for the
Association’s members and guests of honour treating them to dishes and drinks of its national cuisine.
The friendly atmosphere of such meetings promotes personal contacts and expands business links. The
Association of European Businesses also serves as a model of the European culture of social
responsibility of business, offering strong information support to charity projects of the local community
where its member companies are engaged.
Partnership between government and business.
Representing interests of its members, the Association
keeps regular contacts with the EU governmental agencies in Brussels and the Government of the Russian
Federation to improve the investment climate in Russia including the development of the institutional
base for business, harmonization of laws and standards of the European Union and the Russian
Federation, optimization of customs regulations, simplification of visa procedures and support of
successful economic reforms.



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