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Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) Hungary

Last updated: 13.02.2014


Tel: +36 250-4876


Company description

The Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) established in 1992 comprises 27 research-based pharmaceutical firms in Hungary which account for 60 percent of the domestic medicine turnover in terms of value.

The mother companies of the member firms do pioneering work in researching and developing new, original preparations, with the aim of making a breakthrough in the therapy of diseases that can not be treated at all or that can not be treated with proper efficacy. In addition to their enormous intellectual investment our member companies spend significant amounts – exceeding several billions of dollars a year – to develop new, innovative medicines. Development of a single original preparation roughly costs as much as the annual pharmaceutical budget of the National Health Insurance Fund.

The innovative pharmaceutical companies play active role in fostering advanced professional education of Hungarian doctors and pharmacists. Our officially accredited training courses provide great help to doctors getting ready for their professional exams.
As well as playing a decisive role in the foreign and domestic pharmaceutical market the member companies of the Association principally contribute to the Hungarian clinical research and advance training of the doctors.

Owing to the good offices of our member companies and as a recognition of their professional knowledge Hungarian doctors already regularly take part in high level multicenter clinical trials of new original preparations carried out simultaneously in many countries under strictly identical conditions, preceded in every case by the evaluation and authorization of the National Institute of Pharmacy.
Over 80 percent of the pre-registration investigations considered to be most exacting have been started by AIPM member companies. Several firms brought their Central-Eastern European clinical research centers to Hungary.

In addition to the aforesaid, our member companies equip doctors with medical textbooks, written by independent authors recognized in their profession, support patient’s organizations and foundations. All these are being done in order to become partners in an increasingly effective treatment of the Hungarian patients.

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