Astellas Hungary

Last updated: 01.06.2015

Address: Csorsz ut 49-51 H-1124 Budapest,Hungary

Tel: +36 1 577 8200


Company description

Astellas Pharma Europe the world’s 20 largest pharmaceutical company, belonging to 15 thousand employees worldwide Astellas Pharma Inc. subsidiary. As a young and forward-looking company Astellas aims to improve the quality of life for people around the world, innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products, by providing products.

In 2005, Yamanouchi and Fujisawa merger created Astellas remains committed to the class of the first (‘first-in-class’), and class best (‘best-in-class’) products developed for the key therapeutic areas by combining high R & D and marketing opportunities in the pharmaceutical world market continued growth.

In October 2006, Astellas has launched a company called Vision 2015 management strategy. Declared goal is to világelsőkké within that category (GAL) to become a number of therapeutic areas where further innovation of the patients currently unmet needs can be met. The company’s vision is an integral part in 2008, launched a wide-ranging Changing TOMORROW ™ (‘Change your tomorrow’) campaign, which displays the company’s ability to create a brighter future stakeholders, especially patients.

Significant, ongoing investments in research and development will further strengthen research-based Astellas pharmaceutical company capacity by providing effective medicines for patients worldwide, and continues to doctors and trusted partner of network deployment.

In Europe the main strengths of the Astella organ transplantation, urology, dermatology and anti-infective agents and the therapeutic areas of pain prevail. In addition, Astellas aims to develop a gyógyszerportfóliót the needs of cancer patients.

Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd. is based in Staines near London, and operates sales subsidiaries throughout Europe and the CIS states and South Africa. Astellas Pharma International, as well as licensors and distributors, the company responsible for the Middle East and Africa sales as well.

Products and services

Geninax® : an oral new-type quinolone antibacterial agent
Celecox® : the selective COX-2 lnhibitor
Lipitor® : a treatment for hypercholesterolemia
Micardis® : a treatment for hypertension
Gaster® : a treatment for peptic ulcers and gastritis
Luvox® : an antidepressant
Myslee® : a hypnotic
Cefzon® : an oral cephalosporin
Seroquel® : an antipsychotic agent
Dorner® : a treatment for chronic arterial occlusion
Nasea® : a 5-HT3 (receptor) antagonist
Targocid® : a glycopeptide antibiotic


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