Astellas Russia

Last updated: 01.06.2015

Address: 109147, Moscow,Russia

Tel: +7 (495) 737 0755


Company description

Pharma (the Netherlands), its Representative office was opened in Moscow in 1994. Yamanouchi Company was found on the basis of Brocades Company. In 2005 a new multinational company Astellas was found as a result of two Japanese companies’ merger – Fujisawa and Yamanouchi. Main Astellas goal is to improve people’s lives and give them hope for the future with innovative pharmaceutical products and also become a Global Category Leader in chosen therapy areas.

Astellas is among top 20 companies of the world successfully managing its business in different countries such as Japan, North America (the USA and Canada), Europe and Asia. Headcount of Astellas worldwide is more than 17 thousand people.

Russian affiliate is related to European branch – Astellas Pharma Europe. Astellas Russia is responsible for business in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, Kirgizia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

Astellas has 4 global corporate principals which are called STAR: Success driven, Team oriented, Adoptable and Respectful.

Russian affiliate headcount is continuingly growing. They are young and vigorous professionals who can achieve their ambitious goals. Astellas aim is to become an Employer of Choice. That is why it is trying to improve HR policy, social package and team spirit.

Products and services

Infectives, Transplantation, Oncology, Pail Management and others. Astellas brand products are: Omnic, Prograf, Flemoxin Solutab, Wilprafen Solutab, Unidox Solutab, Pimafucin, Zineryt, DeNol, Phosphalugel and others.



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