AstraZeneca Hungary

Last updated: 01.06.2015

Address: 1113 Budapest, Bocskai út 134-146. Hungary,Hungary

Tel: +36 1 883 6500


Company description

We are active in over 100 countries with a growing presence in emerging markets including China, Brazil, Mexico and Russia.
We employ over 61,000 people (46% in Europe, 24% in the North America, 7% in Latin America and 24% in Asia, Africa and Australasia).

We invest over $4 billion in R&D each year. Around 15,7001 people work in our R&D organisation and we have 14 major R&D centres in eight countries, including Sweden, the US and the UK.

We have 9,300 employees at 23 supply and manufacturing sites in 16 countries.

In 2010, our worldwide sales totalled over $33 billion (including 10 medicines with sales of over $1 billion each).

Alongside our commitment to competitiveness and performance, we continue to be led by our core values to deliver business success responsibly. We are positioned in the top 8% in the sector in the Dow Jones World and STOXX (European) Sustainability Indexes.

Products and services

We focus our skills and resources on six important areas of healthcare, which include some of the world’s most serious illnesses:

– Cardiovascular

– Gastrointestinal

– Infection

– Neuroscience

– Oncology

– Respiratory



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