Atlantis Healthcare Spain

Last updated: 11.11.2014

Atlantis Healthcare logoEstablished in 1993, Atlantis Healthcare has offices in Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom and United States providing a unique service to address the issue of treatment non-adherence.

Atlantis Healthcare is dedicated to improving patient outcomes in a way that also delivers significant value to our clients, and healthcare systems. Our patient centred solutions tackle treatment non-adherence head-on to deliver better health outcomes for all and reduce wastages in medical spending.

Atlantis creates engaging adherence and self-management programmes for patients and clinicians. Each programme captures the adherence profile of an individual patient, their medication and illness beliefs and their specific support needs. This ensures interventions address the underlying drivers of non-adherence on an individual patient basis to drive long-term behaviour change.

“However effective a drug has been proven to be, it won’t work unless a patient takes it properly.”

– Professor John Weinman, Head of Health Psychology – Europe, Atlantis Healthcare



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