Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Terhulpsesteenweg 6B B-1560 Hoeilaert Belgium

Tel: +32 2 658 0980


Company description

Bachi represents the interests of industry partners specializing in production and sales of nonprescription drugs (OTC) in pharmacies and health. Bachi currently has 28 members and thus covers more than 75% of the market. Since its inception in early 2009, Bachi has succeeded in being recognized and appreciated as a full partner. Bachi is actively involved in various platforms and working groups organized by the Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AFMPS). Bachi also represents Belgium in the European Association AESGP.

Products and services

Bachi is committed to the value of these products to promote and to be recognized, both in terms of health and quality of life of patients regarding socio-economic value in society. To achieve these goals, Bachi intends to increase the supply of available OTC and healthcare products to broaden and simplify their registration procedures. In addition to this, BACHI aims to further the expansion and development of information and communication to patients, consumers and health providers to, among the priorities.



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