Bago de Chile

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Santa Clara 301, Oficina 6805, Huechuraba, Santiago,Chile

Tel: +56 2 368 2700


Company description

Laboratorio Bago de Chile in its 60 years, occupies a leading position within the Chilean pharmaceutical market, both in units and values, ranking among the five largest companies in the Chilean pharmaceutical sector. Laboratorio Bago Chile is a member and part of the greater Bagó Organization and it serves as the regional headquarters for the Andean region. They had annual sales of US$32 million last year.

Bago’s Pharmaceuticals is certified by the Public Health Institute of Chile in the strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in accordance with manufacturing practices recommended by the World Health Organization. It produces 20,000,000 units annually for the local market (40%) and the rest for export to Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. Their product line includes 86 branded products in a wide range of dosage forms, totaling 165 presentations.

Products and services

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