Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 124460, г. Москва, г. Зеленоград, 4-й Западный проезд, дом 3, строение 1,Russia

Tel: +7 (495) 510-3288


Company description

Closed Joint-Stock Company “Binnopharm” (Moscow, Zelenograd) is formed with a 100% charter capital belonging to JFC Sistema with investment volume more than 4.3 bln RUR (50% in CAPEX).

CJSC “Binnopharm” is CJSC “Binnopharm” with its productive area more than 32 thous м2 is one of the most large-scaled biopharmaceutical companies in Russia. Biotechnological and pharmaceutical complex “Binnopharm” has the largest in Russia biotech medicines manufacture with complete production cycle. Production is built according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality standards. Company also has a unique biotech Research & Development center. “Binnopharm” complex is fully equipped with multipurpose production lines provided by top international players for the full-cycle production of biotech medicines like: tablets, capsules, ampoules, sprays and environment friendly aerosols.

Top-priority course for the company’s activities is focused on developing and commercial availability of medicines across socially significant diseases such as oncology, hematology, infections and respiratory ones, genetically engineered medicines, vaccines and fibroblast-tissue technologies’ products in regenerative medicine.

CJSC “Binnopharm” is the founder and the basis of the Moscow nanobiopharmaceutical cluster “Biocity” that is located on the territory of Moscow Special Economic Zone “Zelenograd” – industrial technology park specialized in developing and implementation of innovating medicines as well as allocation of the best western elaborations and technologies on the territory of Russia.

Products and services

Activity of «Binnopharm» Company aims at production of innovative medical aids that meet GMP international standards and implementation of an import replacement program. Here are set production lines for releasing of basic dosage forms: pills, capsules, vials and ecologically safe aerosols. «Binnopharm» is also a distributor of pharmaceutical substances and off-the-shelf dosage forms.

Biotechnology and genetic engineering have special status in the activity of «Binnopharm» Company. The enterprise possesses a unique full-cycle biotechnological production in Russia, with the most integrated and equipped laboratory for biotechnological preparation quality control. Here is produced a vaccine against the viral Hepatitis B – Regevac B.

Vaccine «Regevac B» produced now by «Binnopharm» CJSC, as to its properties, meets the World Health Organization’s requirements, and it is not inferior to, and upon certain indicators – leaves behind the foreign analogs. It is the most efficient and expedient recombinant vaccine for use in the territory of the Russia, produced on the basis of Hepatitis B virus’ strain, serotype ay.

Basic therapeutic groups of preparations, the production of which is projected in the new «Binnopharm» complex, are: haematology, oncology, infectious diseases, and respiratory diseases. Underway is development of biotechnological preparations that have principally new therapeutic opportunities, including treatment of diseases incurable in the past (cancer, AIDS, disseminated sclerosis), as well as new transport nanoforms. The Company’s production line has been continuously expanding.



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