Bio-Rad Mexico

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Eugenia No. 197 Piso 10-A Col. Narvarte, C.P.03020, México D.F,Mexico

Tel: 55 5488 7670


Company description

Bio-Rad serves more than 100,000 research, industry, and clinical laboratories worldwide. The company is world renowned with customers in hospitals, universities, research institutions, microbiological food and environmental inspection agencies, biological research, and private industry laboratories.

Products and services

Bio-Rad products are used in hospitals, universities, major research institutions, biotechnology companies, reference laboratories, pharmaceutical firms, and classrooms around the world. Bio-Rad’s key competencies include separation, purification, and analysis, and the company is a leader in electrophoresis, protein assays, gel image analysis, quality controls, diabetes monitoring, autoimmune testing, blood typing, and BSE and chronic wasting disease testing.



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