BioIndustry Association (BIA)

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: 7th Floor, Southside
105 Victoria Street

Tel: +44 (0)20 7630 2180


Company description

The UK BioIndustry Association, the BIA, is the trade association for innovative enterprises involved in UK bioscience. Members include start-up, emerging and more established bioscience companies; pharmaceutical companies; academic, research and philanthropic organisations; and service providers to the bioscience sector.

The BIA works to further the interests of members and the industry – nationally and internationally. Our heritage of innovation, enterprise and success dates back to our founding over 20 years ago.

Influencing Progress

Bioscience is a national priority for the UK. The BIA works to encourage and promote a financially sound and thriving bioscience sector within the UK economy.

Our goal is to secure the UK’s position as a global hub and as the best location for innovative research and commercialisation, to help enable our world-leading research base to deliver healthcare solutions that can truly make a difference to people’s lives.

Lobbying is a core BIA strength. We provide a strong, unified, relentless voice for bioscience to stakeholders — including government, politicians, the media and patient advocate groups — to address the critical issues our members face and to push for progress. We educate policy makers about the needs of our members and advocate for legislation and policies essential to their growth and success.

Enabling Connections

Collaboration is key to moving bioscience forward. To support and enhance collaboration, the BIA brings together organisations from across the life sciences industry. This includes service providers, valued not only for the vital functions they serve in the sector, but also for their business acumen, expert guidance and industry connections.

The BIA hosts events throughout the year where members and others from the sector can learn, discuss, debate and network.

BIA Advisory Committee meetings connect peer groups to engage in debate and develop solutions to shared issues and challenges.

The BIA also keeps members connected and updated via regular communications. In addition, the BIA provides a host of other business development and business support services to enhance the value of membership. We facilitate introductions to other BIA members, provide meeting spaces at our central London office, offer member-only discounts to BIA and selected third-party events and also with suppliers.

Products and services

In fulfilling its mission, the BIA aims to:
1 Offer a wide range of member services and benefits to the satisfaction of the membership
2 Represent the needs of the industry and its members on important issues
3 Promote best practice within the industry
4 Facilitate industry growth and maturity, positioning the UK as a leading world player in bioscience
5 Campaign for the best possible environment for innovative bioscience research
6 Communicate the benefits of innovative bioscience technologies
7 Maintain its role as the Association of choice for membership representation and communication on innovative bioscience issues

The BIA operates an active public affairs programme, a well-developed conference and and seminar programme, trade missions, regular publications for internal and external audiences, plus a series of committees whose interests range from regulatory affairs and intellectual property to personnel and finance and taxation. Networking and technology-transfer opportunities for members and others with an interest in the sector ensure that every avenue is explored in the support of UK bioscience.



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