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BioMarin Mexico

Last updated: 13.03.2020


BioMarin is a world leader in developing and commercializing innovative biopharmaceuticals for rare diseases driven by genetic causes.

At BioMarin, we focus on developing first-in-class and best-in-class therapeutics that provide meaningful advances to patients who live with serious and life-threatening rare genetic diseases. BioMarin remains steadfast to its original mission—to bring new treatments to market that will make a big impact on small patient populations. These patient populations are mostly children, suffering from diseases so rare, that the entire patient population can number as few as 1,000 people worldwide. These conditions are often inherited, difficult to diagnose, progressively debilitating, have few, if any, treatment options, and are usually ignored.



Insurgentes Sur 1,571 Piso 2 Desp.203, Col. San José Insurgentes, Benito Juárez, Cp. 03900 Ciudad de México

Tel: +52 (55) 4169-5888



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