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Last updated: 13.02.2014

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BioteQ Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in August 2000, China and Cuba in the field of biotechnology, the highest level, the largest investment cooperation projects, to research and development and production of the treatment of malignant tumors, the source resistance, monoclonal antibodies and vaccines undertake the major projects of the National High-Tech Research and Development Plan, the national high-tech industrialization demonstration project for the main direction.

100 Thai Biological Pharmaceutical has China’s first world-class antibodies humanized technology platform, represents a core technology of the international bio-pharmaceutical development and direction of the mainstream. The company designed and built the production line of China’s first fully automated large-scale mammalian cell culture, which is currently the largest, most comprehensive facilities, the most technologically advanced large-scale cell culture technology platform.

The Biological Pharmaceutical Baitai successfully developed China’s first personal humanized monoclonal antibody drug – Taixinsheng nimotuzumab the drug in April 2005 Biology I class drug certificate issued by the State Food and Drug Administration , fill our humanized monoclonal antibody drugs blank. The Taixinsheng ® can specifically target the tumor cells to targeted therapies in killing tumor cells without damaging normal tissue, and represent the latest developments in the direction of the field of cancer treatment. Clinical studies have shown that Taixinsheng ® single-agent or combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy for head and neck cancer, colorectal cancer, glioma, non-small cell lung cancer efficacy, significant side effects is low, with high clinical value.

Same time the Biological Pharmaceutical Baitai actively carry out international technical transformation, is committed to nurturing the capability of independent innovation, new drugs are being developed, including the EGF vaccine for the treatment of cancer, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, a humanized anti-CD6 single anti for reversal of organ transplant rejection anti-CD3 mAb.

The Biological Pharmaceutical development Baitai target large modern biopharmaceutical company, to improve antibody drug research and development capabilities and production levels, to improve the health of the people for the purpose, internationalization, industrialization, standardization, the scale of the operation mode, is committed to the latest achievements of the development of biotechnology into the cause of the health of the 21st century, and continuous dedication to the community is the most advanced, most excellent antibody drugs, witnessed the rise of China’s life sciences and biomedicine with you!

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