Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: ul. Jutrzenki 94
02-230 Warszawa

Tel: +48 22 824 97 32


Company description

Founded in 2001, BLAU FARMA is Polish private specialty pharmaceutical company focused on dermatology.

The company is centered on development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative, safe and effective prescription and over-the-counter preparations that importantly improve the lives of patients suffering from conditions related to skin diseases (such as acne, steroid-sensitive dermatoses, fungal and bacterial infections), as well as dermocosmetics lines of products that aid each individual to optimize their skin’s health.

The second BLAU FARMA’s business area is parallel import of medicinal products. Today, the company is parallel importer No 3 in Poland. We strongly believe that stimulating competition in the pharmaceutical market enables broader access to better treatment options for greater number of patients.

Quality is a cornerstone of all BLAU FARMA’s of activities. The company seeks the highest quality information, decisions and people, and produces high quality products.

BLAU FARMA’s goal is to become the number one in Poland among dermatology-focused pharmaceutical companies and to enter European export markets.

With the headquarter in Warsaw, BLAU FARMA employs 56 highly skilled and efficient full-time employees.

The company holds integrity, responsibility and professionalism above all else. Also cherishes hard work, productivity, loyalty, accountability, leadership, teamwork, creativity, initiative, courage, enthusiasm and optimism.

Products and services

Prescription and non prescription pharmaceutical in dermatology.

Parallel imports of dermatology products as well as expanding ophthamological products.


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