BOIRON Hungary

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Ady Endre Ut 8 H-1024 Budapest,Hungary

Tel: +36 1 365 1430


Company description

Company allapillére way back to health with concrete ideas. More than 50 countries throughout the world for thousands of people’s determination and dedication mean performance is key.

French company, we are szakterületünkön, the world leader in homeopathic medicines. In France, four manufacturing sites and 32 industrial preparation and marketing of a need.

The company – like other companies – currently live in troubled times, but we are confident that it can bring positive changes in the long run, especially in medicine, but the pharmaceutical industry and health care management field.

As a family company we make every effort to adapt to the industry’s difficulties. Humbly, but we try to give you a chance gyógyszereinknek determination, to show their usefulness and efficiency. The French pharmaceutical market is less than 1% of you have … this shows how much we have the opportunity to grow!

Products and services

A homeopathic preparation of a mono (rarely more) ingredients. The raw material of plant, mineral and animal origin can be.

The Latin name of the homeopathic remedies, the main raw material used to manufacture internationally known scientific names. The Latin name is due to the international homeopathic medicines in all countries of the same name.

The number on the tube dilution őstinktúra your area. The initials represent the type of dilution (C = one hundred times (centezimális) dilution, H = Hahnemann method of preparation)

The mono homeopathic preparations usually used several times in tubes or pellets számlálós-dose disposable containers, and sometimes liquid droplets (or őstinktúra homeopathic dilution) in the form can be purchased. The pharmaceutical industry is also found in other forms of production in homeopathy, but expect much less widespread.



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