CAEMe, Argentina

Last updated: 30.10.2014

CAEMelogo85CAEMe is the oldest pharmaceutical trade association in Argentina and Latin America. It was established in 1925 and it will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2015.

It represents research and development pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies from Argentina, Europe, Japan and the United States operating in the local market, and is Ia member of BIO, ISPOR, CICyP, FIFARMA and IFPMA.

Currently, there are 43 member companies who are committed to research and development, manufacturing and supplying medicinal products with high quality and safety standards. They promote intellectual property rights as a tool for sustainable innovation.

Contact Details
Maipú 757 – 6th Floor CABA – (1006ACI)
Buenos Aireas, Argentina
Phone: (5411) 4327-7770


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