CAOIC – Argentina

Last updated: 12.03.2015

logo_caoicCAOIC is a nonprofit organization that was founded I September 2006 to gather and represents national and international Contract Research Organizations (CROs) that are involved in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors in Argentina. It aims to contribute to the development of Clinical Research in Argentina in all its aspects, by seeking to develop effective and attractive regulatory framework, organizing activities such as vocational training, and creating space for collaboration amongst stakeholders.

At present, the top priorities of the organization are to:

  • Preserve the rights of patients and healthy volunteers participating in ethical clinical trials in Argentina, in line with the Guideline for Good Clinical Practice, and local regulations.
  • Facilitate the development of adequately trained human resources for quality clinical research.
  • Collaborate with others in the public and private sector to position Argentina as a point of reference for clinical research in the region, within an appropriate regulatory framework for this purpose.

Contact Details
CAOIC– Cámara Argentina de Organizaciones de Investigación Clínica
Sinclair 3106 6° 4 C1425FRD
CABA – Argentina
Tel: (54 11) 4777 9111
Mob: (54 9 11) 4045 8523


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